Has your character ever wished they could have been born elsewhere?
>Where and why?

Has your character ever cheated on any sort of test or exam?
>Were they caught?
>Did they feel any guilt regardless of if they were caught?

Has your character ever, whether by accident or not, broken something valuable?
>Was this object replaceable?

What is your character’s favorite season?

If your character were to become an evil villain, what would their evil villain name be?
>What if they were a super hero?

Has your character ever gambled?
>How did that work out for them?

Has your character ever had a false-pregnancy scare? Either themselves or their partner.
>How did they react when they found out there would not be a child?

Does your character have a favorite type of wood?

How many times has your character been infatuated with another?
>Was the object of their affections real or fictional?

Are there any words your character doesn’t like?

Does your character know how to knit or crochet?
>If not, do they have an interest in learning?
>If so, where/from whom did they learn?

How often do people mispronounce or misspell your character’s name?
>Does this irritate them?

Has your character ever taken or been given non-over-the-counter medications or drugs? (This includes drugs and medications given by people at clubs, on the streets, at the doctor’s and at the dentist’s.)
>How did they feel about taking it?

What is your character’s opinion on scars?
>Does your character think they make a person ugly? Rugged? Sexy? Hideous?
>>Does it depend on the type of scar? (Not just surgical vs. injury, but also hypertrophic vs. keloid vs. atrophic vs. stretch marks.)

Has your character ever had a job they hated so much, they wished they could be fired?
>Why did they not just quit?
>>Were they working for family or a family friend?
>>Was there a nice severance package for those that were fired?
>>Would they not be able to collect unemployment if they quit?

Has your character even tripped on stairs?
>Were they going up or down at the time?
>Did anyone see?
>Were they injured?

How loyal is your character?
>Does this also apply to people and things who are clearly in the wrong?

Does your character have a favorite legume?

Are there any food textures your character can’t/won’t eat?

Does your character talk in their sleep?
>How loudly?
>How did they find this out (or do they not know)?

Does your character own any scales?
>What kinds? (Bathroom, kitchen, small portable, etc.)

Has your character ever gotten completely lost?
>How did they get back?

What is the longest your character has gone without food?

What is the longest your character has gone without sleep?

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