Did your character ever suck their thumb as a child?
>At what age did they stop?

Has your character ever had surgery?
>What for?
>Were there any complications from it?

What’s the latest your character has ever been to a scheduled activity?
>How did that happen?
What was the earliest?
>How did that happen?

Does your character believe hard work is usually worth the effort?
>At what age did they start believing this?

Does your character tend to move quickly or slowly?
>Do they get irritated by people that do the opposite?

In the middle of the night, has your character’s brain ever arbitrarily decided there was something your character had to do before it would let your character go back to sleep? (Things like going to the bathroom, eating, writing something down, brushing their hair, etc.)
>How often does this occur?
>Has your character figured out that it’s easier to just do the task, so their brain will rest, or do they try to force their brain to sleep?

Which academic subject does your character have a knack for?
>Do they enjoy this subject?

Has your character ever gone to a spa?
>If so, did they like it?
>If not, have they ever wanted to?

What time of day is your character most motivated to do things/make decisions/improve themselves? This doesn’t mean that they only get inspired at these times, or that every time this time comes around they get motivated, merely that when they get sudden inspiration, when does it usually occur.
>How likely are they to stick by the decisions they arbitrarily made at these times?

Can your character dance well?
>If so, how did they learn?
>If not, do they like to anyway?

What does your character do when they try a new food and don’t like it?
>Do they spit it out?
>Do they finish their bite, but throw the rest away?
>Do they give it to someone else?
>Do they eat it anyway, but make a note not to eat it again?

Does your character ever wish they had a different number of siblings?

Has anyone influential ever spoken against a group your character is/was a part of? This includes things like spreading negative misinformation and declaring immorality of the group involved and its members.
>How did your character deal with the backlash?

Is your character a member of any subcultures?
>Would they be considered more of an “active” member, or a “passive” member?

Has your character ever felt productive?
>Did they like it?
>What were they doing?

Has your character ever felt betrayed by a friend or someone they trusted?
>Was there an actual betrayal involved, or was your character overreacting?
>What happened?

How did your character’s parents meet?
>Does your character know?

Do people ever suspect your character of wrong-doing, or do they tend to presume innocence?
>If people tend to presume innocence, is your character aware of this?
>>Do they take advantage of it?

How often does your character use slang?
>Does your character try to keep up-to-date on slang, or do they use what was around back when they were first learning it?

Are there any words your character absolutely refuses to say?

How often does your character experience digestive problems?
>Are there any specific foods that always cause this, or is it random?

Does your character try not to offend other people, or do they just say and do what they want?

How often does your character get bored?
>What do they do when bored?
>>Do a hobby?

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