Has your character ever eaten dried food (without re-hydrating it first)?
>What was it? Fruit? Fish? Mushrooms? Beans? Rice? Etc.

Does your character know how to use any weapons?
>If so, which weapon, and for how long?
>If not, are there any your character is interested in?

Has your character ever fished or hunted for food?
>For sport?

Has your character ever been bitten by an animal?
>Was it serious?

Does your character get queasy and/or faint at the sight of blood?
>If yes, does this also happen with fake blood?

Does your character know how to barter? Do they know how to haggle?
>When did they learn?
>Are they any good at it?

Has your character ever gotten their hair stuck in something?
>Have they ever gotten something stuck in their hair?

Does your character enjoy mockumentaries?
>Do they enjoy actual documentaries?

How loudly does your character sneeze?
>Do they sneeze multiple times in a row, or just once?

What type of pain is your character best at coping with?
>Aching? Burning? Stabbing? Throbbing? etc.

Are there any colors you character refuses to wear?

How good is your character at recognizing when another has changed their appearance? (Such as wearing new clothing, getting their hair cut/colored, and other things of that nature.)
>Do they usually recognize what is different, or just notice that some unidentified bit has changed?

Until what age did your character wet the bed?
>Do your character’s parents tell people this? In pride or shame?

What kinds of things cause your character to worry?
>What kinds of things do they fear?

Has your character ever eaten dirt?
>If so, why?
>If not, have they been tempted?

What is the most your character has eaten in one sitting?
>Is this normal for your character?
>Is this normal for your character’s species?

Has your character ever worn nail polish?
>Was this intentional, or did someone put it on them against their will or without their knowledge?

Has your character ever been on a mountain?
>Have they been to the foot of a mountain?

Is anyone in your character’s family a member of an organized religion?
>Is anyone in your character’s family against organized religion?

Does your character have any allergies?
>How did they find this out?

Has your character ever had to wear a uniform?
>What for?
>What are their opinions on the matter?

Does your character prefer practical or decorative shoes?
>What about clothing?

Is your character able to sleep in an area with a moderate amount of noise?
>How much noise can there be before your character is unable to sleep well?

Has your character ever had to write an essay?
>What for?
>Was it any good?

Is your character prone to getting paper cuts?
>If so, how do they treat them?

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