How many grandparents does your character have?
>How many are alive?

What is your character’s favorite brand of sweets?
>What kind of sweets do they make?
>Why are they your character’s favorite? (Best chocolates? Most flavors? Lowest prices? etc)

Which of your character’s friends has the largest immediate family?
>Which of your character’s friends has the most people in their household?

Does your character enjoy interrupting people?
>Are there specific occasions where they enjoy it, or just whenever?

How often does your character read things meant for a younger audience?

When your character feels physically unwell are they more likely to eat more, eat the same amount, or eat less? Why?
>What about when they feel emotionally unwell? Why?

How likely is your character to mourn someone they’ve never actually met?
>What conditions make this more likely?

Has your character ever handled an item made from gold?
>What was it?

How small can your character write legibly?
>How large can they write?

Has your character ever taken credit for something they didn’t do (whether good or bad)?
>What was it?
>Why did they do it?

How many times can your character fail at something new before they become frustrated?
>How many times can they fail at something they’re familiar with before they become frustrated?

Does your character have a favorite type of flower?
>Why or why not?
>What is it?

Are there any words your character overuses?
>Are they aware of how frequently they use it?
>Do others notice?

What is your character’s favorite way to avoid discussing a topic they don’t wish to discuss/answering a question they don’t wish to answer?
>What method do they usually end up using?
(Note: their favorite way may not be their go-to– it may be their favorite because of a humorous reaction it gets out of a certain person, etc, not because of its effectiveness)

How well can your character control the volume of their voice?
>Did they work to gain this control, or did it come naturally to them?

Is your character more of a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper?
>In the place where your character grew up, how many heavy sleepers and how many light sleepers were there?

What is the most effective method one can use to successfully discipline your character?
>Who knows/uses this method? (parents, grandparents, teachers, etc)

Was your character raised in a religious household?
>Was this normal for the area your character was raised in?

Does your character ever swear?
>What does your character think of people who swear a lot?
>If your character swears, what is their favorite swear to use?

Is your character afraid of the dark?

Is your character the type that will practice skills they do not like?
>Is it because they think the skill is useful?
>Is it because they think the skill produces a nice impression (such as penmanship)?
>Is it because someone is forcing or encouraging your character?

What percentage (approximately) of your character’s vocabulary do they use on a regular basis?
>Do they make a point to expand their vocabulary whenever possible?
>Do they not bother learning new words unless there seems to be a need for the word in question?

Is there a color your character likes to look at, but not to wear?
>Why don’t they wear it?

Does your character know their parents’:
>Political affiliations?
>Favorite colors?

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