What would your character do if they got a zit?
>Would they try to pop it?
>Would they smear medicated gunk all over it? Toothpaste?
>Would they cover it with cosmetics?
>Would they wash their face, hair, pillowcases, and bedsheets?
>Would they just ignore it?

Is your character able to easily swallow pills, or do they tend to choke when they try?
>Do they drink something when they do?
>>Do they put the pill in their mouth or fill their mouth with liquid first?
>Do they swallow the pill dry?
>>Do they drink anything after or just go about their business?

If your character were to jam or tweak their wrist or thumb, what would they do?
>Would they ice it?
>Would they try not to use it?
>Would they take a couple of ibuprofen?
>Would they immobilize it?
>Would they do multiple of these things?
>Would they ignore it until it resolved itself or required medical intervention?

Does your character like animals?
>Is your character a “dog person”?
>A “cat person”?
>A “bird person”?
>A “reptile person”?
>An all-around animal enthusiast?
>Do they prefer bugs instead?

Does your character like tongue twisters?
How does your character react when they realize they’ve accidentally said a rhyme?

How would your character organize a book shelf full of books?
>By height?
>Dewey decimal number?
>Alphabetical by author?
>Alphabetical by title?
>Crammed in where ever they fit?
>Most interesting at eye-level?

Is your character spiritual?
>Is your character a theist?
>Does your character believe there’s a difference between spirituality and theism?
>>If yes, what does your character think the difference is?

Ignoring legality, can your character drive well?
>Does your character posses the hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness, and reactivity required to be a good driver?
>Can your character back around corners well?
>Can they parallel park?
>Do they find it easier to turn right or left?
>Would they remember to use their blinkers?
>Would they go the speed limit?
>>If not, would they only go over when it is safe to do so (such as when everyone is; or when there is no one around them, no sharp turns, and no water or ice on the road)?

What does your character use to wake themselves if the have something that needs to be done before they are usually awake?
>An alarm clock?
>A clock radio alarm?
>A cell phone alarm?
>A wristwatch alarm?
>Their parent?
>Their sibling?
>Their roommate?
>The sunrise?
>A neighbor with a really loud car that reliably leaves at the same time every day?
Is the method your character uses effective?
>Do they have a back-up plan?
>Do they often get in trouble as a consequence of not having an effective method?

Does your character enjoy learning?
>Do they get frustrated if they aren’t able to pick something up quickly?

Does your character think they are interesting or “average”?
>Does this have a noticeable effect on their self-esteem?

Does your character like to take online novelty quizzes?
>What type of cupcake is your character?
>Which Yu-Gi-Oh duel monster are they?
>Is your character 33% schizotypal, 4% OCD, 13.7% narcissistic personality disorder? (AKA, does your character also like pseudo-medical novelty quizzes?)
>Would a random person on Quizzila date your character?

What would your character do if they had excruciating back pain? Like, the type of back pain where you are bedridden and have to pee in a jar?
>Would they have someone bring them to a doctor?
>A chiropractor?
>Would they drag themselves there?
>Would they lie there until they starve to death because they are in too much pain to get food?
>>Would someone find them and save them before that happened, or are they too socially isolated for that to happen?

Does your character like their name?
>Do they hate their name?
>Do they like their name but hate the nicknames people give them?
>Do they hate their name but like the nicknames?
>Do they dislike their name because they don’t think it fits them, but likes the name as a whole?
>Did they use to like their name, only to dislike it after being teased?
>Do they dislike their name enough to insist on being called by another?
>Do they dislike their name enough to legally change it?
>Do they like their name enough to name their child after themselves?
>Do they simply dislike the way it sounds when certain people say it and/or mispronounce it?
>Do they like their name, but hate having to correct and/or explain it to everyone?
>Do they wish their name was more common/unique?

If your character was to replace a burnt out light bulb, only to find that the new light bulb is defective and is prone to flickering with a crackling, ominous noise, what would they do?
>Would they immediately replace the defective one with another (because they keep an emergency stock)?
>Would they buy a replacement within a few days?
>Would they just try to ignore it and wait until it burns out?
>>Is it because they are frugal? Poor? Lazy?
>Would they try to ignore it so well they forgot it was defective, flickering, and making frightening noises until another character points it out, at which point they would then remember it is defective?
>>Would they fix it after that? Would they shrug and go back to ignoring it?
Even if your character is not in a setting with light bulbs or electricity, you should think about what your character would do in this situation. A character who thinks, “this might be a safety hazard,” and fixes it as soon as possible is very different from a character who simply shrugs and goes back to eating Cheetos.

Is your character literate?
>Can your character write?
>Does your character prefer to write in code?
>Can your character read upside down?
>Can your character read or write their language’s version of cursive?
>If your character were to write with a roman alphabet (like in English), would they put horizontal lines through their Zs and 7s?
>Is the ability to read and write normal for your setting?

How quickly can your character alphabetize a set of items?
>Would your character have to sing the alphabet to themselves?
>>The whole thing?
>>Or can they start in the middle?
>Can your character say the alphabet backwards?
>>Do they practice?

Does your character have the desire to be spoiled?
>Do they feel they deserve it when they are?
>Do they want to be spoiled but feel guilty when people spend money on them?
>Does your character tend to feel like they owe the person who gave them a gift something in exchange?

If your character were to color, what medium would they choose? Crayons? Colored pencils? Markers? Gel Pens? Pastels? Nail polish? Lip stick? Fruit juice?
>Does your character enjoy coloring?

Does your character own a laundry hamper?
>If not, why? And how do they move and organize their laundry?
>If so, how do they use it?
>>Do they put dirty clothes in it just before washing?
>>Do they store their dirty clothes in it until it’s full?
>>Do they use it to carry clean clothes back to their room/whichever room they fold laundry in?
>>Do they just use it to cart clothes to and fro?
>>Do they use it to bring clean clothes back, only to leave them in the hamper, treating it more like a closet?
>>>If so, where do they keep their dirty clothes? The floor? Another hamper?

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