Neighborhood and Homeowner's Associations


A brief link explaining these associations

What fees are there to be in the association?
>How often are they paid?
>Are these fees considered expensive in your setting or not?
Can the association give out fines?
>What for?
>Are the fines considered expensive in setting or not?

What perks are there for being in the association?
>Neighborhood yard sales?
>Public spaces (parks, pools, gyms, etc)?
>Celebratory events (block parties, fireworks, barbecues, etc)?
>Clothing/charity drives
>Snow shoveling/road icing?
>Private security guard for the neighborhood?

What are the rules, requirements, and restrictions for remaining in the association?
>Are there banned house colors?
>Are there yard maintenance requirements?
>Are there banned or required yard decorations (flags, ornaments, etc)?
>Are there any rules on pets?
>Is there a limit to the number of guests you can bring to the public spaces?
>Can you be removed from the neighborhood if you don’t comply?