Nouns for Names: Translating Vs. Not Translating


Pros of translating:
>Readers will know that people are given nouns for names (River, Brook, Craig, Blade, etc).
>The noun they’re named after can be used as symbolism, irony, or to hint at personality.
>If your story ever gets published in foreign countries, the names will be very easy to translate.

Pros of not translating:
>The untranslated name can hint at what the native language is like, without you having to make up an entire language (you just need to make up some nouns).
>There is a possibility of hilarious misunderstandings between foreigners and natives. (They let people marry rocks here?!)
>If the name is based off of an existing language, the above to will not be applicable if your story gets published in that language.
>If two cultures you creature use noun for names, you can show both the differences and similarities using different phonetic patterns. (For example, using a more guttural base for one, and a smoother base for the other.)