These questions are intended to be used for each new plant you are creating.

Does the plant need full sun, partial sun, or full shade?

How much water does the plant need?

How much space is needed for the plant to fully grow?

What temperature/climate is needed for the plant to flourish?

Where are the native locations for the plant?
>Can the plant be grown in other areas?

What types of self-defense does the plant have?

How does the plant reproduce?
>How is it pollinated?

What shape of leaf does the plant have?

Does the plant flower?
>If so, what do the flowers look like?

Are the colors structural or created by pigmentation?

Does the plant attract any animals or insects?

Does the plant repulse any animals or insects?

Is any part of the plant edible?

Is any part of the plant non-toxic but also something you wouldn’t want to eat?

Can any part of the plant be used for medicinal purposes?


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