Poisonous and Toxic Plants in Your Setting


What species of plants are harmful when ingested?
>Are there any plants where only parts of the plant are harmful when ingested?
>Are there any plants that are only harmful when ingested without cooking first?

What species of plants release harmful gasses when burned?

What species of plants secrete harmful oils?
>Which part of the plant is responsible for releasing the oil?
>Is there anyway to remove the oil from flesh?
>Is the oil potent enough to harm someone without coming into direct contact with them?

What are the effects of these dangerous plants?
>Do they burn the flesh, lungs, or digestive system?
>Do they cause rashes or blisters?
>Do they make it difficult to breathe?
>Do they cause numbness or paralysis?
>Do they kill you?
>Do they induce hallucinations?

What do these plants look like?
>Are there any harmless (or even desirable) plants that look similar to these?

Do the plants reproduce at a fast or slow rate?
>If you spot one of these plants, how likely is it that you will find more close by?

Are the people of your setting aware of the danger these plants possess?

Are the plant species native to the area or were they introduced (whether accidentally or intentionally) from a different location?

Are any of the plant species counted as noxious weeds?

How difficult are the plants to get rid of?
>Is special equipment needed to remove them?
>Is it for the safety of those removing the plant, or actually to get rid of the plant?
>Do the plants release pods or seeds en masse if you try to remove them incorrectly?

Are the dangerous parts of the plants ever used, in small amounts, as medicine?

Are there any plants that are harmless to humans (or whatever your setting’s main species is) but not to other species, such as pets?

Are the dangerous parts of the plants ever used as psychoactive drugs?