Population Demographics


Rates for:
>Infant mortality
>>What is the most common crime?
>>Who are the most common criminals?
>>What is the criminal rehabilitation rate?
>>What are the most common drugs?
>>What is the addict rehabilitation success rate?
>>What demographics attempt this most often?
>>Which demographics have the highest suicide success rate?
>>What are the most common causes?
>>Which group is most likely to file for divorce?

Health Services:
>Are there legally mandated accommodations for disability?
>>Physical disabilities, mental disabilities, both, or neither?
>>How successful are these?

>Height and weight
>Number of people per household
>>What is the average number of minors?
>Political affiliation
>Life expectancy
>Age of first marriage
>Age of becoming a parent

Most common:
>Cause of death
>Type of housing
>Form of communication (phone, email, face-to-face, etc)
>Birth month
>Level of education

What is the age of legal adulthood?

>commercial:industrial:residential developments
>family owned:corporations present

What is the most popular sport?

Is the area urban, suburban, or rural?

What is the population density?

What social programs/services are available?

What public services are available (mail delivery, law enforcement, emergency transportation, etc)

Is there public transportation available?
>What types?
>How much does it cost to use this service?

How many subcultures are present?

What is the immigrant population?
>Where are the immigrants mostly from?

What is the main religion in the area?

What language/s are considered the official languages of the area?
>What other languages are common?

What is the dominant age group?

What is the average citizen’s main form of transportation?

How large is the disabled population?
>How are they treated?
>What is the most common disability?
>Are people with this disability treated better than other disabled people?

What is the main cause of death?