What senses are affected by precognition?
>Are events of the future seen?
>Are they heard?
>Are they felt?
>Are they smelled?
>Are they tasted (somehow)?

How clearly are the visions seen/heard/felt/etc?
>Does the character get a vague impression?
>Is it like watching the event on a television?
>Is it like listening to the radio?
>Is it more like looking at a still-frame picture than anything with movement?

When do precognitive visions occur?
>Do they happen when a person dreams?
>Does the character have to perform a ritual to get a vision?
>>Does this ritual work for everyone, or just certain people?
>Do they happen randomly?
>Can the character activate the ability on a whim without ritual?
>Is the ability always on?
>>How does this affect their perception of reality?

Are visions interactive?
>Can the character see the events that lead to the event in the vision?
>Can the character see what would happen if the chain of events was changed?
>Can the character go through a multitude of scenarios to see which one plays out most favorably?

How soon before the event will they appear?
>Within a few seconds?
>Within a few minutes?
>Within a few days?

Does precognition also come with the ability to remember the vision for long periods of time?
>Instead of remembering, does a character just get a feeling of déjà vu when the events start?
>When recalling a vision, is it as clear as when they had the vision, or is it like recollecting any other memory?
>Are precognitive visions obviously glimpses of the future, or are they easily mistaken for imagination?
>>Is there any way a person can practice to separate imagination from visions?

How useful is precognition?
>Are the events shown ever important or life-changing?
>Are they helpful in a small sense (like knowing one should take an alternative route due to traffic)?
>Are they completely useless (like knowing someone will decide to put their hair up next Tuesday)?

Can people with precognition share their vision with others without changing the events that led to it?
>If a person tells another about the vision, will it change the future to the point where the vision is no longer applicable?
>>Does it depend on the person they tell?
>>Does the character that had the vision have any way of knowing if telling another will be helpful or harmful?

Is precognition common?

Do the majority of people in your setting believe precognition is real?

Are people with precognition demonized? Lionized? Ignored?

Is precognition something the people who have it feel they have to hide?

What are people who experience precognitive visions called?