Preparing the Armies


How many different branches are there?

What are the different branches?
>Is there a branch that travels and attacks from the sea?
>Is there a branch that travels and attacks from the air?

What are the ranks?
>How large are each of the branches?

What are the requirements to join?
>Are the requirements different for each branch?

Is there mandatory service required?

Are there any repayments to veterans and active members?
>What is offered to them in return for their service?

How are members viewed by the public?
>Filthy murderers?
>Noble heroes?
>Citizens doing their duty? (If there is a mandatory service requirement, this is most likely.)
>Psychopaths that enjoy killing?

From where do they receive their funding?
>Is this amount adequate?
>Are there different sources of funding for the different branches?

What do their uniforms look like?
>Remember to keep what they do and need in mind when deciding on the uniform design.

What kind of training do they receive?

What kinds of weapons are members trained in?

Are there any weapons that are only given to a select few?