Public Health and Safety

What laws are in place to prevent accidental deaths?
>Are there laws regarding drug use?
>>Are there laws regarding smoking?
>>>Public smoking or private smoking?
>>Are there laws regarding drinking?
>>>Public drinking or private drinking?
>Are there laws regarding medication testing?
>Are there laws regarding product testing?
>Are there laws regarding transportation?
>>Road rules?
>>Speed rules?
>>Consumption rules?
>>Right of way rules?
>>Distracted driving rules?

What licenses and permits exist to prevent people from doing things untrained?
>Food handling permits?
>Driving licenses?
>Vendor permits?
>First-aid permits?
>Drug purchasing permits?
>Hunting permits?
>Fishing permits?
>Weapon ownership permits?

What services are there in place for those that can’t afford things?
>Low-income health clinics?
>Free or reduced price disease screenings?
>Free or reduced price vaccinations?
>Homeless shelters?
>Soup kitchens?
>Free education options?
>Co-ops or food banks?

Are there any traffic managers, such as lights, stop signs, crosswalks, or speed bumps?

What professions exist to maintain public health and safety?
>Are there doctors?
>Are there police officers?
>Are there firefighters?
>Are there safety inspectors?
>Are there quality control managers?
>Are there road maintenance workers?