Regional Cusses, Curses, and Insults


What are the themes surrounding the cusses and curses used in your setting?
>Do they invoke divine entities? For example: “god damn you”, “may a plague be wrought upon your house”, “by Odin’s beard”.
>Do they invoke sexual imagery?
>Do they use terms that refer to bodily fluids or waste?

Are there different pronunciations of certain cusses that are found less offensive than others?

What are some mild cusses that a child would use? (Whether in the heat of the moment, or to impress their peers.)

What are the themes surrounding insults?
>Do they question the individual’s parentage?
>Do they question the individual’s mental capacity? (Dull-witted, neanderthal, idiot, lack-witted, foolish, etc)
>Do they question the individual’s ability to produce desirable offspring?
>Their virtues? (Courage, honesty, trustworthiness, willpower, etc)
>Their physical appearance or ability?
>Do they compare an individual to a less desirable thing? (A baby, an insect, an object, etc.)
What are some things that used to be insults, but are no longer in use?