How does reincarnation work?
>What species are reincarnated?
>>Who among those species can be reincarnated?
>>>If not everyone in the species gets reincarnated, who does, and how?
>What species are things reincarnated into?
>>Is it the same species?
>>Is it a different species?
>>It there a pattern to this, or is the species random?

>Where are they reincarnated to?
>>Are they reincarnated on the same planet?
>>>If not, is there a certain area in which they are reincarnated, or it it just a random location with the correct life forms?

>How many times can something be reincarnated?
>How long after one’s death are they reincarnated?

>Do people remember anything from their previous life?
>>Do they retain skills they gained and/or learn those skills faster?
>>Are they naturally drawn to the reincarnations of people they got along with previously?
>>Are they naturally repulsed by the reincarnations of people they dislike?
>>Do they become interested in the same hobbies?
>>Do they prefer the cuisine or culture of their previous life?
>>Do any fears they gained pass onto their next incarnation?
>>How many reincarnations do these things last through?

>Is there any way to control when or where you get reincarnated?
>Do people, in general, believe that reincarnation exists?
>>Why or why not?