Ritual Spellcasting


What types of magic can be ritually cast?
>Summoning magic?
>Divination magic?
>Magic used to travel?
>Are there any types of magic that can only be ritually cast?

Who can ritually cast spells?
>Do they have to be a strong magic user to cast, or can any magic user ritually cast spells?
>Is magical ability needed at all as long as the ritual is performed correctly?
>Are there people that exclusively use ritual casting?

Does intention and belief have an impact?
>For example, if a skeptical person were to do the ritual, would the spell work?
>Another example, if a caster performed the incorrect ritual for what they intended, which spell would be cast? Would either, or would the ritual fail?

How long does it take to prepare?

How long does it take to cast?

What items are needed?
>Does it depend on the spell?
>>If so, does it depend on individual spells, or on types of spells? (For example: would all divination magic use the same items, just in different ways, or would each divination spell use its own set of items?)

What is the benefit of ritual casting instead of spontaneous casting?

What happens if the ritual is interrupted?
>What happens if the caster’s concentration is broken?