Originally, scrying referred to the act of looking into the future, usually through a crystal ball. However, the word has been adapted through use in books and other forms of media to include other methods of seeing things, as well as extending the definition to no longer just refer to looking at the future, but at any unknown.

What can been discovered with scrying?
>Is it limited to future events, or can it also show things happening concurrently or in the past as well?
>>If the scrying can show concurrent events, do the events shown focus more on places or people?

Does it show events, or does it show symbols that need to be interpreted?
>If it shows events, can the person doing the scrying “hear” noises that happen during the event?
>If it shows a symbolic representation, how accurately can the symbols be interpreted?

Can one choose what/when they want to see, or does it just happen?

What material components are necessary?
>If a crystal ball is needed, what type of crystal does it have to be?
>>Would glass work?

Are any incantations required to scry?

How long does scrying take?

How physically close to the area being scried does the person doing the scrying need to be?

Can the person doing the scrying tell when the events in the vision will happen?

Are there was to prevents scrying?
>How effective are they?