Is shapeshifting something inborn (like a species ability), or is it done through magic?
>If it is inborn, what is the species that has this ability?
>>What does the default form look like?
>>How does the species reproduce?
>>>If they reproduce sexually, is the species sexually dimorphic (are there characteristics that males have that females do not and vice-versa?)
>>>>Can they shift into the other sex?
>>>>Can they breed with other species?
>>>>>If so, will the offspring be shapeshifters?
>>>>Can they shift while pregnant?
>If it is done through magic, is it difficult magic?
>>What happens if someone messes up while shifting?

How does shapeshifting work?
>Are there limits to the ability in terms of shape complexity and size?
>>Can shapeshifters take the form of living things or non-living things?
>>>If they can take non-living form, how do the not die?
>>>Can they take the form of plants?
>>>Can they take the shape of a stack or group of things?
>>>Can multiple shifters work together to shift into something larger?
>How long does it take to shift?
>How does the shifter learn to take on a new form?
>How often can they shift?
>How long can they remain shifted?
>Are there any negative psychological aspects to shifting for long periods of time? (Loss of sense of self, amnesia, etc.)
>What happens to the items being worn by the shifter after they shift?
>What happens to any wounds?
>>What happens to any piercings or other body modifications?
>Are there any characteristics that do not change no matter the form the shifter takes?