What do sirens look like?
>Are they just a type of mermaid?
>Are they bird-human hybrids?
>>Are they just humanoids with wings, or do they also have other bird-like parts (talons, beaks, etc)?
>Are there only females, or are there also male sirens?
>>If there are also males, do the males possess the same abilities as the females?

What can their voices do?
>Do they enchant people, making them try to get closer to the siren (regardless of any obstacles in the way)?
>Do they drive people to madness?
>Do they arouse people?
>Can they literally control people?

What do sirens eat?
>Do they eat meat, plants, or both?

Do sirens have any natural predators?

How do sirens reproduce?
>Are they created through magic?
>>Are they created as sirens, or are they changed into sirens from a different species?
>Do they lay eggs?
>>How are the eggs fertilized if there are only females?
>>How many eggs do they lay at a time?
>>How frequently do they lay eggs?
>Do they have live births?
>>How many offspring do they have at a time?
>>How long is their gestation period?

Are sirens intelligent?

Do sirens live in groups or individually?
>If they live in groups, how large are the groups?

How do sirens communicate?

How do sirens interact with other species?