Souls and Spirits


What is a soul?
Where are souls located?
What species have souls?
Can souls be damaged?
>What happens to a person when their soul is damaged?
Can souls be used as supernatural currency?
>If someone does this, do they use their entire soul, or just part of it?
>>If they use some or all of their soul, do they face the same negative effects as when someone has their soul damaged?
Is there a difference between a spirit and a soul?
>What is it?
>>Does a soul refer to a part of something living while a spirit refers to something left behind?
>Do people use these words interchangeably regardless?
What happens to souls and spirits when the creature dies?

If a spirit is not a part of a living creature, what is it?
>Does it refer to ghosts?
>Does it refer to its own species?
>>What are they like?
>>Why were they given that name?