Speaking of Magic...


What names/titles are used by magic users to describe magic users?
What names/titles are used by non-magic users to describe magic users?
Some examples taken from various books, games, and movies include: sorcerers, magicians, mages, sages, witches, warlocks, wizards, curse workers, mouths, seers, healers, clerics, and weavers
Are there different types of each of them?
>Light/white mages, black mages, hedge witches, herb witches, etc

Are the terms used interchangeably or do they have specific implications about the user’s abilities? (Such as “seer” generally being used to describe only those who can see the future.)

Are there terms that are dependent on the magic user’s sex or are they all neutral? (Witch vs. Wizard/Warlock)

Does the term used refer to strength/ability?
>Does it refer to raw power or mastery of their magics? Both?
>>Can raw power change?
>>Can there be a super powerful, highly named magic user who doesn’t know what they’re doing or how they’re doing it?
>Can they move up/down levels like promotions/demotions?

Which ones are arguably the strongest (to weakest)?

Which ones do people think are the strongest?

Are there groups that dislike each other?

Are there any groups that get treated better by non-magic users? (Probably healers, right?)

These are just examples of an easy way to map it out.