How quickly can your character do basic arithmetic? (+,-,X,/)

Is your character a fan of “the quiet game”?

Has your character ever used a book strap to carry their books?

What does your character usually smell like?

How does your character hold a book while reading?

How well can your character draw a stick figure?

When your character was a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?

Does your character have an easier time squatting or lunging?

Does your character prefer to use a special tool for peeling fruits/vegetables, or do they prefer to use a knife?

Does your character own any dice?

When wearing footwear, does your character prefer to wear sandals, shoes, or boots?

If your character had to get up at 7 A.M., would this be easy or difficult for them to do?

How long does your character prefer to keep their fingernails? Their toenails?

Does your character ever stop to look at the clouds or stars, just for the sake of it?

How often does your character use words (whether correctly or not) that they do not fully understand the meaning of?

Is your character able to touch their toes without bending their knees?

Has your character ever fractured a bone?

Are there any conditions (weather or otherwise) that make your character’s hair unmanageable?

Does your character have any superstitions/perform any superstitious rituals (making warding gestures, knocking on wood, throwing salt over their shoulder, saying “bless you” when someone sneezes, etc.)

Does your character have any habits they would like to rid themselves of?

What condiment does your character use most frequently?

What is your character’s favorite type of sandwich?

When running, does your character prioritize speed, or do they prefer to run slower at a more sustainable pace in order to maximize distance?

Has your character ever had a tooth cavity?

What is/are your character’s middle name/s?

Is your character actively involved in any political movements?

Is your character good at making small talk?

Does your character usually use the term “couch” or the term “sofa”?

What sentence-filler does your character use most often? (Like, um, uh, etc.)

Does your character prefer to eat with their hands, or do they prefer using utensils?

Does your character know how to skip?

What does your character’s dream home look like?

Does your character go by a 12- or 24-hour clock?

What does your character prefer to use when grabbing the handle of a hot pot/pan?

If your character could become any supernatural creature, which would they choose?

What size spoon does your character prefer to eat with?

Does your character pronounce “February” and “library” with two “r"s each?

What does your character call the direction that is the opposite of clockwise?

What would your character put on popcorn before eating? (Salt, butter, spices, molasses, etc)

What is your character’s favorite fruit?

Does your character like foods that contain cinnamon?

Would your character prefer waffles or pancakes?

When your character goes down stairs, do their feet point forward or are they angled to the side?

Has your character ever kept a house plant?

Has your character ever tried illegal substances (including trying a substance when not yet at the legal age for consumption, like with alcohol or tobacco)?

Does your character think geese are evil?

Does your character get frustrated if they read or watch a mystery and are unable to solve it?

Does your character pull the strings out of celery before eating it?

What is your character’s favorite “just mix in a pot/pan/oven/microwave and heat/chill” food? (Frozen meals, along with any food that requires multiple elements to be mixed together would fall into this category; so ramen, frozen pizza, pudding, spaghetti with a pre-made sauce, and boxes of casserole would all fall into this category.)

What is your character’s favorite pre-prepared food? (Things you can eat straight from the package, including ones that most people prefer to heat, so canned soup would count here, but ramen, which needs to be mixed together and cooked, does not.)

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