Has your character ever chosen a book to read based on the length of the book?

Has your character ever used a schedule or planner to organize their time?

How well can your character ignore people who are annoying them?

What is your character’s go-to method when they wish to relax?

Are there any bugs your character likes?

When was the last time (if ever) your character has gone on a vacation?

How many half-finished projects does your character have?

Does your character have any creaky joints?

If your character had to choose only one food they could eat for the rest of their life, what would they choose?

What would your character want their last meal to be?

Does your character enjoy feeling nostalgic?

Is your character a fan of out-dated popular culture references?

When the weather is very hot, does your character tend to eat more than usual, less than usual, or the same amount as usual?

Is your character the type that would purchase an extended warranty?

If your character were to own a computer, how often would they save or backup their data?

Does your character ever pay attention to weather records?

If someone were to ask your character, “If you were to create your own band, what would you name them and what kind of music would you play?” how would your character respond?

What is the strangest mispronunciation of your character’s name your character has ever heard?

How often does your character crack their knuckles or other joints?

Does your character own any instruments they wish they could play? (As in, do they own any instruments despite not knowing how to play them?)

Is your character able to enjoy media they find predictable?

Are there any food combinations that make your character sick?

Until what age did your character believe fairy tales were true?

Has your character ever accidentally done serious damage to their hair (such as over-bleaching or other chemical mishaps)?

What is your character most likely to become envious of?

Is your character able to do a cartwheel?

Is your character able to recognize any constellations by sight? (Assume they are in a location where it is dark enough for the stars to be visible.)

What was the first picture your character ever drew that looked like what it was intended to be?

Are there any colors your character believes should never be a hair color (whether naturally or through artifice)?

What type of advertisement is most likely to work on your character?

If your character were to eat a food with an edible, but not particularly palatable, core, would your character eat the core, or would they eat around it?

How often does your character remember their dreams?

Has your character ever had a recurring dream?

Does your character ever hum along to music?

Is your character the type that would ever write in, or otherwise mark up, a book?

Has your character’s natural hair color changed much since their birth?

Is your character more likely to be frightened or are they more likely to be disgusted? (In general, towards unpleasant or generally “scary” stimuli.)

How well can your character hide their fears?

What does your character do to remedy bad breath?

Has your character ever owned a bit of property, or do they only rent?

Has your character ever fallen out of bed?

How often does your character look at their reflection?

Does your character find fake skeletons to be creepy?

How quickly does your character form assumptions about the character of strangers?

How easily can your character cut someone out of their life?

How long, on average, will your character hold a grudge?

When drinking something out of a cup, glass, mug, bottle, or other medium- to large-sized container, does your character use one hand to hold the container, or do they use both?

What is the largest animal your character has ever fed?

How many sports does your character know the rules to?

Does your character know how to drive a stick-shift?

Does your character know anyone who tries to pick fights, who then proceeds to chicken out when their offer is taken?

Has your character ever gotten into a fistfight with a stranger?

Does your character tend to prefer mindless entertainment, or intellectually stimulating entertainment?

Does your character enjoy things that they know are blatantly false (such as movies with very bad science)?

Has your character ever believed in any end-of-world theories?

If, as a child, your character were told that kissing a frog would turn it into a prince/ss, would they have tried to kiss a frog?

Are your character’s family or friends impressed or surprised when your character voluntarily cleans things, or is this a normal occurrence?

How politely is your character able to decline invitations for events they don’t wish to attend?

How much self-control does your character have in regards to foods they like?

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