What does your character do or say when startled?

What type of noise does your character make when they hear something they find funny?

How many genuine attempts at humor does your character have to make before they get a laugh?

If your character could be guaranteed safety at the expense of freedom, or be guaranteed freedom at the expense of safety, which would your character choose?

How much time can your character spend searching for an item before getting frustrated?

Is your character the type that would try to find how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Has your character ever had to use candles as a light source?

How often does you character say something that they regret soon after?

Is your character able to remain calm while under pressure?

Does your character like gravy?

Has your character ever seen a taxidermied animal in person?

Is your character more likely to playfully insult their friends or to maliciously insult their foes?

What is the shortest amount of time it has ever taken your character to wake up, get ready, and leave for an appointment/school/work/etc?

How does your character deal with getting a bad haircut?

Out of all your characters, which is the character that would find an actual corpse while playing Pokemon GO, and which one would be the one to get hit by a car?

Does your character like artificial banana flavoring?

Would your character prefer black licorice or red licorice?

How many different food items does your character tend to have each meal?

Is your character the type that would remember songs they learned as a child? This includes songs they learned on their own, such as theme songs and songs they liked, and songs they may have been forced to learn, such as school songs and national anthems.

If your character drank a potion and their hair suddenly grew four feet longer, what is the first thing they would do?

Which standard motivational phrase/saying is your character most like to use?

Has your character ever touched or handled a snake?

How effectively can your character work after being unable to sleep the night before?

Does you character get along with their friends’ families?

If your character could live anywhere in their setting (both immediate and extended), where would they live and why?

Are there any words your character knows and dislikes? This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the meaning of the word, rather the sound of the word, or your character’s personal associations with the word.

Would your character ever consider working an unpaid internship or apprenticeship?

Does your character own any ear protection? (This includes things like earmuffs and ear plugs.)

Does your character ever eat raw vegetables?

How would your character react if they found out someone was harassing a person your character cares about?

How does your character deal with being embarrassed?

When your character has a hobby, do they prefer to have huge blocks of time set aside for their hobby once every week or so, or do they prefer to squeeze in a bit on enjoyment here and there throughout the week? (Note: whether it can be done in small parts also depends on the hobby in question, some hobbies are time consuming and cannot be done in small chunks of time.)

If your character had forgotten to get a gift for someone on an occasion where gifts are expected, what would they do?

If your character noticed their friend has bad breath, would they tell them?

Is your character more successfully motivated by promise of reward, or by threat of punishment?

If your character were to get a professional back massage, how much pressure would they want the masseuse to use?

If your character sees someone smiling in their direction, are they likely to smile back?

How long can your character sit without becoming restless?

When making a password, does your character prefer to pick one they think they can remember, or one they think others won’t be able to guess?

Is your character able to do a hand stand?

Did your character ever make yarn crafts as a child?

Has your character ever had any of their clothes dry cleaned?

Has your character ever had their clothes dry on a clothesline?

When your character uses a word or phrase borrowed from a different language, do they pronounce it like they do the words of their language, or do they mimic the other language’s pronunciation?

Is your character more likely to believe someone that insults them, or someone that compliments them?

If your character hears someone enter the room behind them, are they more likely to not move, turn their head to the noise, turn their torso to the noise, or completely turn their body toward the noise?

Is your character able to rely on others without their sense of pride being hurt?

How much attention does your character pay to their surroundings when they are lost in thought?

Has your character ever tried to fix a situation only to make it immeasurably worse?

Has your character ever accidentally broken something they were trying to adjust?

What was the strangest thing your character, when they were a child, ever wanted to do/be when they grew up?

Pick a skill your character possesses that is not common in your setting. How did your character gain this skill?

How easily can your character tell when someone is stalling for time?

How many light sources does you character keep in their bedroom?

Does your character eat regular meals?

Does your character like granola?

Is your character the type that would read an assigned book, or are they the type that would read a synopsis/watch a film version of the story?

What is your character’s favorite stalling tactic?

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