Is your character open to trying novelty food items?

How clearly can your character speak when their mouth is full?

If someone tells your character not to look down, how likely is your character to look down?

Has your character ever tried to build an igloo?

What flavor of gum is your character most likely to chew?

Does your character prefer plain socks or patterned socks?

Has your character ever worn a tie or your setting’s equivalent?

Does your character wear socks to bed?

Does your character chew ice?

Can your character break an egg using only one hand?

Is your character the type that would restrain themselves for fear that they would look immature or ridiculous?

Has your character ever seen an egg hatch?

Has your character ever held an infant of their species?

What word does your character use to refer to movies? Movies? Talkies? Cinema? Films? Something else?

If your character wound up behind someone slow on a walk way, would your character pass them on the left or on the right?

If your character spent years working toward one goal and finally completed their goal, how quickly would they be able to figure out what to do with themselves after?

If your character could give one piece of advice to their younger self, what would it be?

Has your character ever kept a journal?

How well can your character say tongue twisters?

How often does your character change what their favorite food is?

Is your character the type that would pay extra to have something shipped to them faster?

How many times can someone knowingly lie to your character and still have your character’s trust?

Has your character ever seen a corpse of their species in person?

If your character were to take a supplemental vitamin, would they choose one they are supposed to chew, or one they are supposed to swallow whole?

Are there types of habits your character finds easier to start and keep up than others?

How well can your character draw a circle?

Has anyone in your character’s family suffered from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any other memory issues?

What is your character’s opinion on rodents?

Has your character ever visited a museum or gallery?

Is there anything embarrassing your character did as a child that their friends or family likes to jokingly bring up now and then?

How many times is your character willing to reread instructions before they give up and guess what needs to be done?

If someone your character knows loses a loved one, but finishes grieving quickly, how would it affect your character’s opinion of them?

If your character was told that the last meal they ate contained flesh from a member of their species, how would your character react?

Does your character ever complain about things they enjoy?

Is your character the type that would request songs they wished to hear while at a club or similar location?

When your character was five years old (or their species’ equivalent), what were they most proud of?

Is your character able to remember what they had for breakfast the previous day?

Does your character prefer dry areas or humid areas?

If your character want to learn something new (be it information about a subject or a new skill), are they more likely to learn as much as they can as fast as they can, or are they more likely to spend a small chunk of time each day learning?

What is your character most likely to do if given a large period of free time?

Is your character the type that would use mouthwash on a regular basis if they had access to such a thing?

Is your character more likely to brag about their loved ones’ accomplishments or their own accomplishments?

Is your character the type that would eat foods thought to be healthy because of their health benefits, even if your character doesn’t like the taste?

What does your character do when they suspect they might be coming down with an illness?

Does your character prefer everything to be put away when not in use, or do they prefer a cluttered but clean approach?

How frequently does your character have to purge large quantities of items from their room/home in order for it to be neat?

Has your character ever used a die that was not a standard six-sider?

Does your character know how to skip?

Does your character ever cuff their pants?

Is your character the type that would try to make clothing out of duct tape?

At what speed does your character walk when they aren’t in any particular hurry to get somewhere?

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