Has your character ever been bitten by a bird?

Has your character ever chipped a tooth?

Would your character pronounce the word “unionized” as “un-ionized” or as “union-ized”?

Did your character know what was happening when they lost their first baby tooth?

What’s the farthest your character can run without complaining?

Does your character have a go-to word they use when trying to sound smarter or more educated in a topic than they actually are?

Would your character rather do something incredibly fun that was quite expensive or would they rather do something mildly entertaining that was free?

What is your character’s immediate reaction when things don’t go as planned?

When cleaning their living space, does your character create a plan or do they just start with whatever is closest?

How quickly can your character think of a password for a website when, for whatever reason, their usual one does not fit that website’s criteria?

What is your character’s opinion on recreational drug use?

How does/would your character deal with hiccups?

What does your character do when they are separated from a person they are traveling with?

Has your character ever met someone with the same birthday as them?

What time of day was your character born? (This doesn’t have to be specific, it can be something like “mid-morning”, “noon”, “evening”, etc.)

Has your character ever known someone that had been arrested at any point in time?

Is your character subscribed to any magazines?

How many books does your character own?

If your character was selling something, is there anything that would make them give a potential buyer a discount?

Does your character know how to cook rice without using a rice cooker?

If your character were to be attacked, would they more likely consider themselves a victim or a survivor?

Does your character prefer to use disposable tissues or do they prefer to use reusable items like handkerchiefs?

How often does your character have to blow their nose?

Has your character ever accidentally flirted with someone they did not intend to flirt with? (They may not consider it flirting, but others around them, including those they are interacting with, might see their behavior or speech as being flirtatious.)

Would your character ever try to ride a unicycle?

If your character drives, do they back into a parking space or do they pull in to one?

Would your character ever wear their pajamas in public?

How many different dishes can your character make using potatoes as the primary ingredient?

If needed, would your character be able to sew a new button on to one of their garments?

Has your character ever been inside a cave?

How many different colors can your character wear at once without feeling like they are dressed strangely?

Does your character have a preference for undergarment color?

Are there any skills your character wishes to have but does not want to go through the process of gaining?

How well can your character improvise while under pressure?

Does your character ever run for the enjoyment of it, or only out of necessity?

If your character were to eat chicken nuggets, would they prefer them to be nugget shaped or dinosaur shaped?

Does your character have a strong opinion on the times of day certain foods should be consumed? (As in, do they believe there are types of foods that are “breakfast foods” and should only be eaten for breakfast or “dinner foods” that should only be eaten for dinner?)

Does your character ever wonder who would mourn their death?

Has your character ever drawn anything with chalk?

How often does your character wash their hands?

Does your character own a passport?

If your character were to read something quickly, and what they read didn’t make sense, are they more likely to blame the writer or to think they misread it?

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