Would your character be an actor if they were told they had talent?

Does your character enjoy conspiracy theories?

If your character dyes their hair, how frequently do they reapply the dye?

Has your character ever pilfered office supplies from their work place?

Does your character have a favorite dinosaur?

How far ahead does your character plan?

Does your character prefer long coats and jackets or short ones?

Does your character know how to help someone who is choking on food?

If your character was given animal shaped food, where would they bite it first?

Has your character ever used a label maker?

Does your character work better with a detailed plan or just with a general plan of action?

How often does your character purge items in their possession that they do not want/need?

Does your character partake in any religious superstitions?

Does your character enjoy true crime stories?

Is your character intrigued by fictional murder mysteries?

Has your character ever used any type of disappearing ink?

How much of a difference does it make when your character writes carefully as opposed to when they write normally?

What is your character’s favorite type of pillow?

Would your character prefer to purchase subscriptions with monthly payments or subscriptions with yearly payments?

What is the most embarrassing thing your character has done while eating in public?

Does your character enjoy strategy games (such as chess)?

How does your character treat chapped lips? (Remember to keep what’s available in your setting in mind.)

Does your character enjoy obviously sugary foods?

Does your character enjoy cleaning up around their living area?

How long does someone’s name need to be before your character will shorten it?

When your character reads aloud a word or name they are not sure how to pronounce, what do they do?

What does your character believe will be the most likely cause of the end of the world?

Are there any types of clothing, hairstyles, or accessories your character thinks never should have been invented?

How much would your character be willing to pay to have their hair cut or colored professionally?

Has your character ever traveled by boat?

When your character is upset, do they prefer sympathy and comfort, or do they prefer advice and a suggested plan of action?

What does your character view as appropriate attire for a funeral? (Remember to consider the setting and culture your character was raised in as well as their current setting.)

If your character owns a pet, are they able to ignore their pet’s begging?

What is the most your character would be willing to pay for a fashion accessory or piece of jewelry?

How frequently, if ever, does your character burn, cut, or otherwise injure themselves while preparing food?

What is your character’s method for removing stickers (such as price labels) from items?

Is there any song (or type of music in general) that always makes your character want to dance?

Is your character able to adjust their speech as needed in order to be better understood?

Does your character interview well?

Did your character ever believe there was a monster in their closet or under their bed?

Is your character the type that would see a movie in theaters, or are they the type that would wait to see the movie until it was available for home viewing?

Is your character the type that would replay a video game even if there were not alternate endings?

Has your character ever been burned by wax?

What is your character’s guilty pleasure?

What is your character’s favorite soap scent?

Would your character be able to solve a Rubik’s cube?

Has your character ever assembled a glue-together or snap-together model?

Has your character ever seen a model ship positioned inside of a bottle in person?

Does your character know anyone that collects toy cars?

Would your character be okay with going to a dentist?

What is your character’s least favorite cold symptom?

Does your character celebrate any gift-giving holidays?

Does your character think creatures  with more than two eyes are creepy?

How many different uses for a bandana can your character think of?

When your character styles their hair, how much effort is needed on your character’s part to keep it styled that way?

How frequently does your character forget what they are doing?

Does your character keep old coins?

Does your character’s hair hold dye well?

Has your character ever tried to curl or straighten their hair?

If you character was shown Google for the first time, what would be the first thing they would do?

What is the highest amount of times your character has watched a single episode of television?

Does your character enjoy liquid foods such as soup or chowder?

How often does your character purchase new pants?

At what age did your character’s parents start getting gray hair?

Has your character ever intentionally misspoken a saying?

Would your character ever voluntarily enter a sensory deprivation chamber?

When passing fairly close behind another, does your character make any noise to alert the person of their presence?

If your character were to get a pet that had fur, would they prefer a long-haired pet or a short-haired one?

If your character were to choose, would they prefer butterflies or moths?

Does your character cry while cutting onions?

Has your character ever burned leaves?

Does your character untie their shoes when they remove them?

How often does your character eat seafood?

When was the last time your character obtained new shoes?

What is one non-essential item your character always keeps with them?

What is your character’s favorite accent and why?

How many different genres of music does your character enjoy?

Does your character find it easier to change their habits and behaviors with small, gradual changes, or large abrupt ones?

What is the worst thing your character has been falsely accused of?

Does your character like the end of the year?

Would your character prefer laptops, tablets, or desktop computers?

Who is/was your character’s least favorite neighbor?

What would be your character’s favorite Warner Brother’s cartoon character?

In regards to music, what is your character’s favorite decade?

What is the most valuable mistake your character made? (As in, what mistake benefited your character the most?)

Has your character ever taught anyone how to read?

Is your character okay with getting shots or vaccines?

Has your character ever carved a gourd?

If your character were to become truly enraged, would they be more likely to hurt themselves or hurt another?

Would your character ever voluntarily stay in a house/hotel/etc that they have been told is haunted?

Is your character that would want to meet their heroes, or the type that would prefer not to (in order to preserve the idealized version they have of their heroes)?

What is your character’s opinion on the use of jump-scares in movies?

Would your character be annoyed by a roommate that sang in the shower? (Or would they be that roommate?)

Is your character the type that would record a video of themselves?

How many times would your character have to mistype something before they would start harshly jabbing at each key in frustration?

How easily is your character inspired?

Are there any traditions your character thinks are silly or foolish, but will participate in regardless?

Would your character be able to cook popcorn without burning it or leaving a large number of kernels unpopped?

Does your character have a favorite shirt?

If your character were to run as exercise, would they be the type to run outdoors or would they prefer a treadmill?

Has your character ever experienced any type of electrical shock?

Has your character ever butchered an animal?

What’s the worst storm your character has been through?

How often does your character experiment with their hairstyle?

How does you character feel about robots?

Would your character ever listen to a TV theme song when they weren’t watching TV?

Has your character ever tripped and fallen into someone as a result?

Does your character know how to do CPR? (If CPR doesn’t exist in your setting, is there a comparable skill your character knows?)

Does your character know how their species reproduces?

Does your character know what marriage is?

Has your character ever hitchhiked?

When your character falls ill, is it usually mild or severe? In between?

Is your character a fan of gallows humor?

Can your character make flatulent noises with their armpits?

Does your character ever “pet” pictures of animals?

Does your character ever feel self-conscious about their voice?

Is your character the type that, given the proper setting, would do YouTube “challenges”?

How likely is your character to drink hot sauce on a dare?

How precise of an answer does your character give when someone asks them what color an object is? (If an object is light blue, will your character tell the asker it’s blue, or will they tell the asker more details, like, “light blue”, “sky blue”, or similar?)

When your character walks, do their palms face inward, backward, or forward?

Is your character able to type accurately without looking at the keys?

Is your character comfortable with leaving their personal items in public spaces? Remember to consider how safe your character’s community was while they were growing up.

Is your character able to write legibly without looking at what they are doing?

What does your character do when they get a song stuck in their head?

How many pillows does your character prefer to sleep with?

Does your character ever use their mouth to hold things?

Does your character enjoy drinks with a frothy texture?

Does your character ever practice their handwriting?

Has your character ever chipped a tooth?

Has your character ever been bitten by a bird?

Would your character pronounce the word “unionized” as “un-ionized” or as “union-ized”?

How many pillows does your character prefer to sleep with?

Did your character know what was happening when they lost their first baby tooth?

What’s the farthest your character can run without complaining?

Has your character ever tried to shoot an arrow?

Does your character, or anyone close to them, require some manner of aid to be able to see?

How long does it take your character to fall asleep on a bed that is not their own?

Does your character know how to tell the approximate time based on the position of the sun?

Is your character able to take tests well, or do they freeze?

Which is your character able to do faster: typing, texting, or writing? (Assume your character has everything they need do these on hand.)

Does your character ever practice their handwriting?

Does your character know how to research things efficiently?


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