If your character wears jewelry, how often do they clean it?

Does your character ever alter their clothing?

How does your character deal with large callouses?

Does your character generally prefer to purchase store brand items or name brand items?

Has your character ever passed out or fainted?

What does your character believe is the weirdest thing they’ve ever eaten? Remember to take your characters species and native culture into account.

Are there any health problems that run in your character’s family? (Regardless of whether your character is afflicted themselves.)

Are there any areas on your character’s face or body that they prefer to shave the hair off of?

If your character didn’t have to worry about work, money, or public perception, how would they dress themselves and have their hair?

How long can your character read before becoming bored?

Does your character prefer to drive (in a car) or be driven?

How long can your character tolerate being in a room with a screaming child?

Are there any words your character always misspells?

What position does your character tend to fall asleep in?

What does your character fear most about getting older?

Has your character ever eaten a food that was naturally black in color?

Has your character ever accidentally called an older authority figure by a parental title? (Calling a female teacher “mom”, etc.)

Does your character prefer to get larger or smaller fruits of the same kind? Meaning, does your character prefer things like Mandarin oranges and clementines to navel oranges; does your character prefer large watermelons or personal sized ones, etc.

When typing, does your character correct spelling errors as soon as they’re noticed, or do they prefer to wait until the entire piece is written to fix them?

How quickly and accurately can your character determine which direction is north?

Does your character find it more difficult to make important decisions or to make inconsequential ones?

Does the sound of someone’s knuckles or joints cracking bother your character?

How often does your character rely on stimulants, such as caffeine, to stay awake?

What is your character’s least favorite topic to learn about? This is more specific, so if your character doesn’t like math, the answer would be a topic inside of math, like fractions, calculating three-dimensional area, graphing sinusoidal or linear lines, etc.

Has your character ever attended a funeral?

When carrying a large amount of things from one place to another, (be it bags, crates, boxes, books, etc), does your character prefer to carry as much as possible per trip, or does your character prefer to take fewer items in more trips?

What is your character’s favorite mythical creature? If there are multiple versions of this creature, specify which version (ex: an Eastern dragon instead of a Western dragon).

What does your character think of repetitive instrumental music? (Do they find it boring? Relaxing? Easy to tune out?)

What is your character’s favorite way to adhere things together? (Tape, glue, etc)

Can your character touch their tongue to their nose?

Are there any foods or food ingredients that your character refuses to try? This is not foods they’ve had before and dislike, this is new foods they won’t eat.

Are there any words that your character finds amusing? Meaning, any words (usually because of pronunciation, but also may be a punchline of an old joke) that your character either laughs at, or has to work to refrain from laughing at when they hear it.

What is the longest uninterrupted amount of time your character has ever spent on grooming themselves?

If your character were able to domesticate one wild animal of any species, which animal would they choose?

Does your character enjoy attending weddings?

Has your character ever locked themselves out of their vehicle or living space?

Can your character sleep sitting up?

Of all that your character has tried thus far, which vegetable is their least favorite?

What is one thing that exists in your character’s setting that your character wishes they could have been the creator of?

How often does your character remember to trim their toenails?

Is your character fond of wordplay?

How well can your character at using context clues to determine what new words mean?

How well can your character at recognizing people from a description of their appearance?

How often does your character use the words “fascinating” or “interesting” while meaning the opposite?

What is your character’s go-to word when things turn unpleasant? This would be the first word that comes to their mind for situations such as trying to find their keys while running late, to not doing as well on a test as they thought they did, to being mauled by a tiger.

Is there any part of themselves that your character makes sure is covered before leaving the house? (This includes parts that are required by law to be covered, as well as parts that are covered by choice.)

If your character is used to instant gratification, how would they handle having ajob that only paid once a month?

Who was the first person your character ever said they wanted to/were going to marry? This includes celebrity crushes, fairy tale crushes, and drunken ramblings.

Would your character enjoy people worshiping them?

What trait of your character (physical or not) do people point out most when poking fun at, or insulting, your character? Note: the comments don’t have to be malicious in nature.

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