What does your character do when they think they may have bad breath?

Generally speaking, how well does your character take bad news?

If your character’s home was on fire and about to collapse from the damage, what, if anything, would your character take with them while leaving?

What has to happen for your character to decide they are too unwell to work/go to school?

When your character is feeling unwell, are they more likely to exaggerate the symptoms or downplay them?

Has your character ever spent time with someone they didn’t care for, solely because they didn’t want to be alone?

Has your character ever swallowed something that was not edible? (Pebbles, cherry pits, small bits of plastic, etc.)

Has your character ever gotten some of their drink up their nose?

What would your character be more offended by: being called a dick or being called an ass?

Does your character like to argue semantics?

Has your character ever experienced something they were surprised to find enjoyable? Meaning, did they ever try something they thought they would not like, only to (surprisingly) like it?

What is/would be your character’s weapon of choice?

Has your character ever slept for an entire day?

Does your character enjoy trying foods from other cultures?

What would your character’s reaction be/what was your character’s reaction upon finding their first gray hair?

Has your character ever spent the night at someone else’s house?

How often does your character stub their toes, bump into doorways, or hit their shins on furniture?

How much noise does your character tend to make while moving normally?

Is your character satisfied with the size, shape and condition of their teeth?

What is the most disgusting thing your character has ever had to clean?

Has your character ever caused the death of anyone, whether intentionally or not?  This includes if their mothers died in childbirth, or if they lost control of a vehicle and caused an accident.

What is the weirdest food craving your character has ever had?

Has your character ever left a closed, canned, carbonated beverage in the freezer long enough to make it explode?

Has your character ever unintentionally lit something on fire?

Can your character easily differentiate between warm and cool toned colors?

What does your character use to clear their nose?

How well does your character treat their possessions?

Does your character make sure to clean between their toes and behind their ears when bathing, or do they often forget?

How would you describe your character’s sense of humor?

How many people does your character share inside jokes with?

Are there any punctuation marks your character uses excessively?

What is your character’s favorite insult to use?

Has your character ever gotten an ingrown nail?

Has your character ever eaten something they liked as a child solely because they liked it as a child, even if they no longer liked the flavor?

If your character is on medication, how often do they forget doses?

Has your character ever had a “secret” fort?

Does your character ever say, “ow,” or, “ouch,” as an acknowledgement that something has made contact with them, instead of an indication that they were harmed by it?

What is the weirdest dream your character remembers having?

Has your character ever thrown an object at (not to) another person?

Would your character find slasher movies frightening? Disgusting? Hilarious?

What genre of movie would be your character’s favorite?

What would your character say is the least pleasant thing they’ve ever smelled?

How well can your character at estimate the weight of an object they’re carrying?

Has your character ever been bothered by the length of their eyelashes?

How does your character react when they fail to do something they thought they had done a good job on? For example, how would your character react if they discovered they had failed an exam they thought they had aced?

What would your character do if What Not To Wear (or a similar show) came to their house?

What is the stupidest thing your character has ever done while sleep deprived?

What does your character think of stuffed toys? (Like teddy bears, Beanie Babies, and other stuffed animals.)

Generally, how does your character act when sleep-deprived? Loopy? Irritable? Confused? Murderous?

Has your character ever “brushed” their teeth using only toothpaste and their finger?

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