Does your character mind traveling in precipitation or fog?

Are there any types of meat your character wishes to try?

Has your character ever roller skated?

How much does your character know about taking care of cars?

What is your character’s favorite type of weather?

What is your character’s opinion on sweater vests?

Is there any type of clothing/jewelry/etc, that your character likes to look at, but hates to wear?

Does your character like hats?

Does your character prefer their food to be aesthetically pleasant?

Will your character eat food if it smells strange (if they are assured it hasn’t gone bad)?

Does your character like reading biographies?

Does your character own any accessories?

Does your character like glitter?

Has your character ever played a sport? This includes sports that aren’t contact sports, and ones that aren’t team sports as well.

What’s the minimum your character has to get done in a day to feel like they’ve accomplished something?
(This prompt is intended to examine the state of a character’s mental health. For example, a character who grew up in a strict, borderline abusive home may feel like a useless waste of existence if they are unable, for whatever reason, to complete an incredibly long list of tasks; whereas a character recovering from a serious illness, injury, or bout of depression may feel satisfied with being able to get out of bed and dressed. A character that is goal-oriented and a student may not feel like they accomplished anything if their homework isn’t finished by the end of the day, no matter how much else they were able to do.

Does your character know anyone with a severe allergy?

If your character notices they made a minor mistake in something, how likely are they to go back and fix it?

Has your character ever kept any collections?

What was your character’s favorite part of each season as a child?

Has your character ever jumped off a diving board?

Does your character ever pick things up with their feet?

Has your character ever seen black ice?

Has your character ever flown a kite?

Has your character ever been to a desert?

Has your character ever seen snow (in person)?

Has your character ever met anyone that had a noticeable birth defect?

What is usually the first thing your character does when they wake up?

Does your character think of gray as a color?

How does your character react when something doesn’t work the way they planned?

Does your character enjoy dressing up in costumes or trying to disguise themselves?

Has your character ever performed an activity they disliked while doing, but were later glad they had experienced?

How often does your character crave salty foods?

How does your character usually keep their hair?

Does your character ever give up on reading books, or do they finish reading whatever they start, even if it’s boring?

What is your character’s opinion on wasting food and people who do it?

How good is your character at improvising?

Is your character good at pacing themselves?

How does your character deal with blisters?

What is the strangest thing your character has ever been afraid of?

How long do dirty dishes have to be in the sink before your character will clean them?

Has your character ever looked through someone else’s glasses and decided to comment on how bad the person’s eyes are?

How close to the ground does your character like to sleep?

How comfortable is your character around wildlife?

Has your character ever been to a fair or festival?

Does your character enjoy learning about their native language?

Is your character good at spelling? (Whether they misspell words on purpose or not is irrelevant.)

What is the best way your character has found to motivate themselves?

Is there anything your character makes sure to do before they leave for the day, even if they’re in a hurry?

Is there any type of animal your character likes no matter what it does?

Has your character ever simultaneously been hungry and repulsed by the thought of food?

How often does your character check to see if someone has attempted to contact them if they are not already expecting contact?

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