Which would your character hate more: losing their sight or losing their hearing?

Who is your character’s least favorite blood relative?

Does your character prioritize creating and maintaining a large amount of shallow relationships, or a small amount of strong relationships?

Does your character have any beliefs or causes they would willingly die for?

Has your character ever tried to improve a trait of theirs? (Patience, honesty, etc.)

Has your character ever wished they had a different personality?

Does your character have good comedic timing?

Does your character have any nervous habits?

How quickly can your character think of rhymes?

Does your character know anyone with an abnormal amount of fingers?

What was your character’s first word?

Has your character ever ridden a bicycle?

Has your character ever felt bad because they didn’t feel worse about something?

How would your character react after learning one of their friends has never tried your character’s favorite food?

How many people in your character’s family (within three generations) have had divorces?

How does your character define “a long time”?

What would your character do if they were given a large sum of money? (Assume they accepted the money.)

What’s the stupidest thing your character has ever done while physically injured?

What flavor type of drink does your character prefer? (By this I mean sour, sweet, savory, bitter, salty, mild, strong, etc, not an actual drink.)

Has your character ever used a person as a piece of furniture?

Has your character ever used an animal as a pillow?

Would your character prefer dill pickles or sweet pickles?

Would your character be capable of doing a pull-up?

What is the most complicated/detail-heavy project your character has undertaken?

Is your character good at solving mazes?

Has your character ever been prone to self-destructive behavior? (This includes things like drugs, alcohol, and other reckless behavior.)

Has your character ever met someone with the most statistically average name that exists in your setting?

How likely is your character to answer truthfully when someone asks about their appearance? (“Does this outfit look okay?” “Does this make me look fat?” etc)

How skilled is your character at reading lips?

Is your character prone to jumping to conclusions?

Does your character ever reread books for fun? (As opposed to rereading them for an assignment or because their child/younger sibling/etc asked.)

Does your character like to wear any type of scented lotion or perfume?

Is your character good at choosing names? (Such as for a pet)

Does your character prefer to write with a broad-pointed or fine-pointed instrument?

Has your character ever participated in a food fight?

How does your character react when someone says a lame joke to them for the umpteenth time?

Is your character more likely to use the word “sleepy”, “tired”, or “exhausted”?

What kinds of things did your character like to play/play with as a child?

Has your character ever witnessed someone’s death?

When your character is purchasing fruit, how do they decide which piece to get?

Is there someone generally considered talented whose work your character simply doesn’t care for?

For how long does your character keep the receipts of their purchases?

If your character were to read a book series or watch a TV/movie series, would they prefer to wait until the entire series was available, or would they read/watch the books/shows/movies as they came out?

Has your character ever eaten flowers or thistles? (Artichoke, for example, is an edible thistle)

What is the normal volume of your character’s voice?

Is your character more likely to bend over or to crouch down when retrieving a small object that has fallen on the ground?

Is your character prone to getting dry skin?

Does your character move around much when sleeping?

How and when did your character meet their best friend?

Does your character take care of their nails?

Has your character ever gotten night sweats?

What is your character’s opinion of amphibians?

How often does your character think to clean the light fixtures in their living space?

Does it bother your character if rectangular decorations (such as pictures or posters) are attached to a wall in a slightly crooked manner?

How many colors can your character name? (This includes colors that are slight variations of other colors, such as light blue, sky blue, robin egg blue, indigo, blue, dark blue, etc)

Is your character particularly scholarly?

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