Does your character have a vivid imagination?

Will your character eat wherever, or do they insist on eating at a table when available?

How well can your character understand the accents of others?

Has your character ever accidentally caught their fingers in a door they were closing?

For characters that shave any parts of their body, what, if anything, do they use to prevent razor burn?

If your character eats meat, do they prefer cold meats or warm/hot meats?

Is your character the type to purchase an extended warranty for an item?

Is your character the type to make their bed?

Is your character more likely to get a song with lyrics stuck in their head, or an instrumental/melody?

If your character were to use a camera for the first time, what would they try to take a picture of first? (If your story is in a setting with cameras, what was the first thing your character ever took a picture of?)

If your character were given a plate of mashed potatoes, how likely is it that your character would play with them?

Has your character ever tried to carve anything? (Whether from wood, soap, or any other material)

Has your character become more tolerant of others as they’ve aged or are they at the same level of tolerance (whether this is particularly tolerant or not) as they were when they were young? Have they become less tolerant?

Does your character enjoy hugging people or being hugged?

How often does your character get an adequate amount of sleep? “Adequate” here meaning enough to function properly, even if your character would personally prefer more.

Does your character tend to perceive time as going quickly, or going slowly? (For example, when told that they will have to wait ten days for something they really want to do, would their reaction be more, “Only ten days? Great!” or, “Ten whole days?! Aw, man”?)

Has your character ever torn a muscle?

When washing dishes, is your character the type to try to sterilize the dishes, or merely make them look clean?

Is your character good at tracing pictures/words?

Is your character talented at finding the silver lining in unfavorable situations?

Did your character ever believe in the tooth fairy?

Is your character naturally ambitious?

Has your character ever been ice-skating?

Has your character ever been to a marsh?

How quickly is your character able to switch between two tasks?

Does your character have a difficult time expressing their thoughts and opinions when they’re angry?

Is there something that is guaranteed to wake you character up out of anything short of a coma?

Does your character ever listen to music with lyrics in a language that your character doesn’t understand?

If your character were to own a pet, would they prefer a large animal or a small one?

Does your character ever stop to smell flowers?

How often does your character forget what they’re talking about?

What does your character think is the worst physical trait a person can have? (Hair color, height, weight, state of a person’s teeth, posture, anything that would take effort to change or be impossible to change. So clothing and hairstyles do not count for this.)

What does your character think is the worst personality trait a person can have?

Does your character ever get “left” and “right” mixed up when giving directions?

How spicy of food can your character handle?

Does it bother your character when numbered sets of things, such as books or movies, are out of order?

Does your character properly apologize when in the wrong or do they avoid it?

Is your character able to keep their emotions out of their voice?

Does your character have any tells? (Unconscious habits that occur when lying or bluffing, such as blinking more frequently, scratching their nose, putting their hands in their pockets, etc)

How many grooming products does your character use? (This includes things like toothbrushes, combs, toothpaste, and soap, as well as things like lotion, razors, and hair gel.)

How good is your character at remembering things they’ve read?

What does your character do when they become sore from exercising? (Do they ice the area? Stretch? Take a nap? Eat a candy bar? Vow to never exercise again? etc)

Does your character have any special methods for eating soup? (Do they use a larger spoon? Do they drink it? Do they dip bread or crackers in it? etc)

How likely is your character to do something a person asks/tells them to do if that person doesn’t tell them why they should do it/need to do it?

Has your character ever used invisible ink?

Does your character prefer to use an erasable or non-erasable tool when writing?

Would your character prefer to dry their hands with a disposable towel, a washable towel, or an air dryer (or magical equivalent, if your setting requires)?

How good is your character at comforting others?

Has your character ever felt the need to say something, but didn’t know what to say?

Does your character like the appearance of colored lights? (Like strands of lights like those put out during winter holidays or single color-coated bulbs used in regular light fixtures. In fantasy settings, this would include any weird fire colors and similar.)

Is your character prone to anthropomorphizing things? (Attributing human traits to non-human animals or objects)

Does your character enjoy assembling models?

What does your character think when they see someone who is severely underweight?

If given a choice, would your character prefer to get books in physical or electronic form?

How often does your character wash their face?

Has your character ever broken one of their nails badly enough for it to bleed?

How quickly can your character figure out how to use unknown technology?

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