Is your character good at remembering numbers?

Has your character ever tried to change the shape of their eyebrows? (This includes plucking hairs, waxing, and drawing.)

Has your character ever accidentally dyed or stained their skin?

Does your character ever get embarrassed or self-conscious when eating loud foods?

If your character heard someone spreading misinformation (whether intentionally or not) about something unimportant, what would your character do?

Is your character the type that would keep electronics that are beyond repair?

Is your character the type that would purchase a premade salad instead of making their own? (You can read this as “any easy-to-make food that can also be purchased premade” if your character doesn’t eat salad.)

Is your character the type that would always feed a pet at the same time every time, or would they be the type to feed a pet in a less structured manner (and possibly forget to a meal or two until reminded)?

Can your character make themselves burp/belch?

Has your character ever gotten the hiccups?

Does your character hold western eating utensils (forks and spoons) overhand or underhand?

How well does your character treat their shoes and clothing?

Is your character able to fold items like paper and towels evenly into thirds?

Are electronics your character owns long-lived, or do they break sooner than they should?

If your character owns a computer, how often do they clean the keyboard?

Has your character ever broken a window?

How often does your character clean any windows they have in their home?

If one of your character’s fingernails were to break, would your character clip the others down to be a similar length, or leave them as they are?

Is your character the type that would ever try drugs they didn’t need for health reasons? (This includes all recreational drugs as well as over-the-counter medications, and prescription drugs that were not prescribed to your character.)

Does your character find speaking about any wrongs they have done to be calming? (An example of this would be using a confessional at a church.)

When your character needs to buy clothes, what do they look for? Price? Appearance? Fit?

If your character saw someone cheating on a test or similar, would they report it?

Are there any situations in which your character would steal something?

How well can your character explain what they mean when they have forgotten which word they were going to use?

How good would your character be at Trivial Pursuit or another game that is won by knowing random (often rather inconsequential) information?

Has your character ever grown a plant from a seed?

Has your character ever wished they were someone else?

How often, if ever, does your character ever wish they had been born into a different family?

How often does your character touch their face?

How does your character deal with bad hair days?

When was the last time your character whined about something?

Does your character know how to do “adult” things? In a modern Earth setting, this would include things like filing taxes, balancing a checkbook, and applying for loans.

Is your character superstitious?

Has your character ever gotten in trouble for laughing at a joke that was in poor taste?

Is your character they type that would take a book’s cover into account when deciding whether or not to read it?

Has your character ever wanted to read or watch something, but decided not to because they thought it was too long?

How would your character react if the were given the wrong order at a restaurant?

Does your character enjoy dairy products?

What is the longest amount of time your character has been interested in a subject or hobby?

Does your character believe hypnosis works?

Does your character prefer to read books that use bolded font to create emphasis, or books that use italicized font to create emphasis?

What scent does your character prefer their soaps to be? (Soaps include hand soaps, facial soaps, and shampoo, which is just hair soap.)

How does your character respond emotionally when asked a loaded question? Are they amused? Irritated?
(A loaded question is one that contains an assumption of guilt, such as asking, “why do you hate children?” to someone who has never necessarily expressed a hatred of children, or “do you still beat your spouse?” to someone who doesn’t have any recorded history of domestic violence.)

Does your character ever carry things in their mouth?

Does your character view feet as inherently dirty?

Is your character particularly literal, or do they understand figurative language (such as metaphors)?

Is your character able to hold back sneezes?

When your character is being illogical, are they able to recognize it?

Is your character vocal while enjoying something? (For example, do they laugh and yell while on a roller coaster? While getting a massage, do they make pleasurable noises or compliment the masseuse? Do they cheer while watching or playing games?)

Does your character believe in the existence of supernatural beings? (This mainly applies to characters in settings where there is no definite proof of the existence of supernatural beings.)

Would anyone describe your character as “patient”?

Does your character prefer highly saturated colors, or ones that are less saturated (muted)?

Is your character the type to be frightened by a sudden power outage?

Has your character ever had a nightmare?

Does your character add things to their drinks? (Milk, ice, sugar, etc)

Does your character bruise easily?

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