For each of the superstitious behaviors present in your setting, consider:
>When and where did these superstitions start?
>What supposedly happens if you do/don’t perform these behaviors?
>Who engages in these behaviors?
>Are these behaviors discussed?
>At what age are people expected not to talk about such things?

Superstitious behaviors may include:
>Wearing clothing inside out
>Carrying horseshoes
>Painting doors certain colors
>Pouring salt across building openings (windows, doorways, etc)
>Smearing blood on door frames
>Throwing salt over the shoulder after spilling salt
>Giving away first crop
>Not whistling at night
>Not breathing when passing a graveyard
>Not saying certain names 3 times
>Not saying certain words in front of mirrors
>Knocking on wood
>Not going near trees at night
>Not leaving seats empty at night
>Not opening the door at night