Taxes and Tithes


Do the people have to bring their taxes somewhere, or are they collected by someone?
>If they have to bring their taxes, where do they go to do that?
>If they are collected, who is sent to collect the taxes?
>>Is there a specific job position set aside just for tax collecting purposes?
>>>Is this job temporary? Permanent? Seasonal?
>>>Is it just a small part of someone’s job?
>>>>What do these people do the rest of the time?

What is the amount due based on?
>>Is this based on their actual income, or what they could have theoretically made?
>>>If a farmer were to lose a large portion of their crops due to circumstances beyond their control, would the farmer’s taxes be based on the theoretical income calculated from what was initially planted, or the money made from the actual harvest?
>Other things?

How much do people have to pay?
>A fixed amount or a percentage?

What kinds of things does the tax money pay for?
>Law enforcement?
>Legal protection?
>Fire brigades/departments?
>The ruler’s new sofa?

Who has to pay?
>All adults?
>Everyone with an income?
>All property owners?
>Some other qualifier?

What happens to someone that doesn’t pay on time?
>Are they given an extension if they have a good reason?
>Are they given additional fees?
>Are they arrested?
>Do they have their citizenship removed?