The Origins of Magic


Was magic discovered(/invented) or was it gifted (whether divinely or from an advanced species)?

How did people discover magic?
>Who discovered it?
>>What were they trying to do when they discovered it?
>>How did they figure out how to repeat it?
>>How did they figure out how to make others able to do it?
>>How long did it take for them to figure out what other types of magic could be used?
>>How did other people react?
>>What happened to the people that discovered it?

Was it given by gods?
>What god or which gods?
>>What type of magic was given?
>>>Was this expanded on by people to create new types of magic?
>>Why was magic given as opposed to something else?
>>What was to be accomplished by giving magic to the people?
>>What happens if someone they don’t like uses magic?
>>If there are other gods, how do they prevent other gods from also giving people magic?
>>Do the gods control what spells work or when they go off?
>>>If someone uses magic to kill someone, with magic, is it considered the magic user’s fault?

How long did it take for different types of magic users to go against each other and form cliques?