Are trolls sexually dimorpic? (If so, answer all questions for each sex.)

What do trolls look like?
>On average, how tall are adult trolls?
>How much do adult trolls weigh?
>How big are troll limbs?
>What do troll skulls look like?
>Are trolls covered in hair?
>What colors can trolls be?
>Do trolls have any claws, fangs, horns, or similar?

Where are trolls naturally found?
>Do trolls often leave their natural habitats?
What do trolls eat?
>Do trolls need to drink or do they get enough liquid from their food?

Are trolls intelligent?
How do trolls communicate with one another?
>Can trolls communicate with other species?

How strong are trolls?
>On average, how much weight can a troll lift?
>How much weight can they drag?
>How much weight can they push?

Do trolls have a vulnerability to sunlight?
>What does sunlight do to them?
Do trolls have a vulnerability to fire?

How quickly can trolls heal their wounds?

Are there any subspecies?
>What are the differences between the subspecies?
>Do they all have the same diet?
>Where can each be found?
>Do they stray far from their natural habitat?