Do unicorn bodies look like any particular horse species?
>Do all unicorns look like this?
>>If not, can dissimilar unicorns mate?
>>>Which would their offspring take after?

What do the unicorns’ horns look like?
>What color are they?
>What shape are they?
>How long are they?
>What do unicorns use their horns for?

Does unicorn hair and/or unicorn blood possess and magical properties?
>What are the properties and how are they used?

Are unicorns hunted?
>By whom/what?
Are there any negative effects of killing a unicorn?

Are unicorns okay with being near non-virgins? (Some myths say unicorns will only approach virgins, in case you’re wondering why this question is here.)
>How would a unicorn even know in the first place?
>Do woodland creatures and other animals have to be virginal?
>What definition of “virgin” does a unicorn use?

Can unicorns use magic?

How intelligent are unicorns?
>Can unicorns be trained to do things?
>Can unicorns be trained as mounts?