How is it caused?
>A bite from a vampire?
>>If so, how was the first one created?
>Born of a vampire?
>>By two vampire parents, or can vampires mate with all humanoids?
>>>If they can mate with others, are there half-vampires, or is the offspring one or the other?
>Is it a disease?
>>If so, how is it contracted?
>Or is it a genetic disease?
>>If it’s genetic, at what time is the onset?
Is there a physical trait (as in appearance) that is the same for everyone with vampirism?
>Is this trait something that can also be found in non-vampires?
>Is it something that can be mimicked through special-effects cosmetics?
Can vampires use magic?
Do they drink blood?
>Does it have to be human blood?
>>If so, why is this the only blood that works?
>If they need blood to survive, how often do they need to drink it?
>>What happens as time goes on if they do not?
>If they drink blood, they would need a way to collect it from their prey. It would be something on their body, and not a tool or utensil. What method do they use? (Claws, fangs, etc)
>>Are these features the same on all vampires, or are there certain types of vampires that use a different method? For example, one strain of vampirism that uses claws to tear open flesh, and another strain that uses fangs to pierce their prey.
>>Can these features be hidden or retracted?
Are they able to eat food as well?
>Does this provide them with any nutrients?
Does a person gain any abilities after becoming a vampire? (Speed, strength, etc)
Is this random, or is it just an enhancement to an ability they already possessed?
What is the natural lifespan of a vampire?
Are vampires an actual species in your setting, or are they undead?
>If they are an actual species, you will need to consider things like reproduction, social interaction within the species, habitat, disease, etc.
>If they are undead, that pretty much means magic exists in your setting, so the limitations of that should be considered as well.
>Whether they are a living species or an undead species will affect what kills them, since living creatures need to breathe.
Do vampires have their own language?
Do humans in your setting know that vampires exist?
>If they do not, are there myths?
>>Do vampires, as a whole, find these myths to be amusing or offensive?
>If they do know, how are vampires viewed?
>>As cool, or romantic, figures?
>>As monsters?
>>As pathetic, laughable creatures?
>>As pets?
>>As enemies?
How do vampires view the humans in your setting?
>As pathetic little creatures in need of protection?
>As a source of food?
>As playthings?
>As pets?
Are humans and vampires able to coexist, whether or not both parties are aware of the nature of the other?
Do vampires have their own organized government, regardless of whether their authority is recognized by the humans or not?