How is lycanthropy caused?
>A curse?
>A virus?
>A bite from a werewolf?
>>If so, how was the first werewolf created?
What form does it take?
>Do werewolves shift between human and non-human forms?
>Are werewolves permanently in non-human form?
>What type of non-human form is taken?
>>An upright monster-wolf?
>>A fully quadrupedal wolf?
>>>Normal wolf size, or larger?
>How is fur color determined?
>>By hair color?
>>>If the human form has a body hair color that is different than scalp hair color, which one does the fur take after?
>>>If the human form has dyed hair, does this effect fur color?
>>>What happens when the human hair starts to grey?
If the human hair is long or thick, does this have an effect on the coat when compared to a werewolf with short or thin hair?
Does human body type determine wolf body type?
>>Will a large, bulky human turn into a large, bulky wolf?
>>Will a scrawny human turn into a scrawny wolf?
>>Will a fat human turn into a fat wolf?
>>Does height effect the outcome?
>>>If so, will this be evidenced by length, or shoulder height in quadrupedal wolf form?
>How does shifting work?
>>Can the wolf shift when they want to?
>>Is shifting caused solely by outside factors?
>>>If so, what are the factors?
>>Does the werewolf retain human thought in wolf form?
>>>Do they become feral?
>>Can both men and women shift, or just one of the two?
>>Can children shift as well, or does this only effect adults?
>>Does vision change while in shifted form?
>>Does a werewolf eat like a wolf or like a human?
>>>If they eat like a wolf, what is the psychological effect of suddenly needing to kill and consume raw meat?
>>>Is there a mental shift that occurs in werewolves so this doesn’t cause undue mental stress to one’s whose diets have been severely altered?
Would lycanthrophy show up in a medical exam or blood test?
How is lycanthropy treated by society?
>Are people afraid of werewolves?
>Does the average person know they exist?
>>Are there cults of people trying to kill werewolves?
>>Trying to become werewolves?
Are werewolves susceptible to human diseases?
>Wolf diseases?
>Specialized werewolf diseases?