Who Rules Your Setting?


What form of government does the country/kingdom/empire your setting takes place in use?
>Please note that the following descriptions and links are very brief overviews and should only be used as inspiration or a springboard for research. The ones listed here are just some basics to start giving you an idea of the different types.
>Matriarchy- Run completely by women for the sole benefit of women
>Patriarchy- Run completely by men for the sole benefit of men
>Monarchy- Ruled by one person, usually called a king/queen or emperor/empress, with the title being passed through bloodlines
>Oligarchy- Ruled by money
>Meritocracy- Ruled by the most fit for the job
>Democracy- Lots of voting is involved
>Republic- Ruled by someone elected
>Theocracy- Ruled by religion, or rather, ruled by someone claiming to have direct contact with a divine being
>Some more

How many smaller sections of government are there?
>What is the next level of government? State? Providence? Ward?
>>How is this one run?
>What comes after that? District? County? City? All of them? None of them?
>How many different levels are between a family’s ruling structure and the top tier of government?

How do families tend to be ruled?
>Is it the same for everyone in the area?
>>Does it depend on where the family is from?
>How strictly are they ruled, in general?
>>Are children, as a whole, frightened to disagree with the head of the house, even if that person is wrong?

How are bloodlines tracked? (This is especially important when it comes to inheritance and coming-of-age celebrations and trials.)
>Are they patrilineal? Meaning, are things like family names passed through male offspring, and kept/taken during marriage?
>Are they matrilineal? Does everything go through the female offspring instead?
>Do they follow a different model?
>>Does it go by oldest? (What happens when there are twins, or two people marrying are the same age?)
>>Does it go by highest title? (What happens when two people with the same level of title marry?)
>>Does it depend on something else? What?

What are the different social classes?
>Can people move between them?
>>Is this easy or difficult?
>>How do they do it?
>>Are there any classes that people are born into and cannot move to or from?
>>>Which ones?