How are they created?
>Are they created by a virus? (Resident Evil is a fan of this method.)
>Are they created by parasites? (This link has several parasites and fungi listed that currently exist, though none on the list affect humans)
>Are they created by necromancers?
>>Is “zombie” a general term for someone brought back to life, or does it refer only to one type?
>>Do zombies brought this way retain their old personalities?
>>Do they have self-awareness?
>>Is their body decayed, or fully restored?
>>>Does it depend on how long the person was dead before becoming a zombie?
What do they eat?
>Do they require sustenance at all, or (as would likely be the case for a virus or parasite infection) does the zombie simply exist to spread the pathogen regardless for the body’s needs?
>If they’re undead, how do they digest what they’ve consumed?
How mobile are they?
>Are they as fast as humans?
>Do they shamble along as though sleepwalking?
>Do they tend to run into things or seem particularly disinterested in their surroundings?
>Can they run?
>Can they climb?
>How high can they lift their legs? (If they cannot lift their legs very high, they would be unable to climb stairs, boulders, or particularly steep hills.)
Are there any physical symptoms that indicate someone is a zombie? Remember what causes the zombies when taking this into consideration.
>Can any of these symptoms be confused with mental or physical disorders or disabilities?
If zombies are created through non-necromancer means, is there a way to detect this before symptoms become visible?
If zombies are created by necromancers, is there a way to prevent this from occurring?
Is the existence of zombies widely known?
Are zombies innately violent?
>If not, how do people view them?
>>As disgusting things?
>>As pitiful creatures?
Are there any ways to effectively kill zombies? For example, in old mythos, salt is usually very effective against the undead, though people nowadays believe a shotgun should be one’s go-to.